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“Imminent” Cyber Attacks, Legislation and Lobbying

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 | 3:41 PM Leave a comment Go to comments

“The US is not in a cyber war and cyber war likely will never occur independently of a physical armed conflict,” James Lewis, director of the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ technology and public policy program, told Fierce Government.  Famous last words?  ManTech president Bill Varner might think so.  In an interview with The New New Internet, Varner advised, “Cybersecurity is the number one threat facing our nation.”

Over on the Hill, Wired notes that Senator Lieberman, in a co-sponsored bill with Senator Collins, is pushing for legislation to allow the government to take over civilian networks in the event of “an imminent cyber attack.”

And in an update — Yesterday’s Afternoon Wrap mentioned MasterCard’s increased cybersecurity lobby-spending.  Today an article in Canada’s CBC might prove why.  According to the report, newly-issued credit cards from MasterCard and Visa “pose major fraud and privacy concerns.”  Other cybersecurity news from the day follows…

GSA, DHS approve first government-wide cyber provider (Federal News Radio)

Iran — Enhancing Cyber Defense Capabilities (Defense Tech)

Top leaders are realizing that, when it comes to IT security, ignorance is costly (Federal Computer Week)

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