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US Cyber Ties to India, Russia

Friday, June 4, 2010 | 10:26 AM Leave a comment Go to comments

PC World reports that an International Telecommunication Union conference concluded in Hyderabad, India this morning with a general consensus: “Cybersecurity needs a common legal and regulatory framework across countries and the regular updating of these laws to take into account the changing nature of cybercrimes.”

Back in the States, it appears planning for the “framework” is already underway.  According to Washington’s Embassy of India, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and India’s External Affairs Minister, Shri S.M. Krishna, met yesterday to discuss “India-U.S. Strategic Dialogue.”  In a press release, the Embassy says the two leaders “reiterated the necessity of building on momentum to strengthen cooperative efforts in the area of information and communication technology in general and also to address emerging transnational cybersecurity challenges.”

Still, US cyber ties stretch beyond India.  The Wall Street Journal reports that Gen. Keith Alexander, chief of the military’s new CYBERCOM, yesterday “endorsed talks with Russia over a proposal to limit military attacks in cyberspace, representing a significant shift in US policy.”

Two novel types of cyber attacks: “Likejacking and Tabnapping” (New York Times)

Senate Staffer: Hill Sees Cyber as Priority (The New New Internet)

Should cybersecurity reforms be reformed? (Federal News Radio)

And because it’s Friday:

Cyber Role Model: Jack Bauer’s Geeky Sidekick (Gov Info Security)

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