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White House Plans “Mysterious” Cyber Meeting

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The White House is expected to meet tomorrow to discuss the economic side to cybersecurity.  According to an article from The Hill, Cyber Czar Howard Schmidt, Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano will plot out options on “how to improve private-sector cybersecurity through economic incentives.”

But an article by The Atlantic is calling the meeting “a mysterious White House cyber event,” as details have not been disclosed to the media.  Yet according to the publication, which tracked down a press release from The Internet Security Alliance, “ISA President Larry Clinton has been invited to attend and… The stated purpose of the meeting is a review and discussion of the activities since President Obama released his ‘Cyber Space Policy Review’ last spring.”  Stay tuned for more details on tomorrow’s cyber gathering…

Meanwhile, looking at separate article by The Hill, it seems Schmidt could be planning to discuss with his colleagues the major vulnerabilities of cyber networks in the US.  At an Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association event late last week, Schmidt warned that our networks “can be exploited by thieves and spies.”

“It shouldn’t be that way in cybersecurity,” noted the cyber czar. “We need to deny [hackers] the capabilities to get through the fence.”

Right on track with Schmidt’s comments, Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA), ranking member on the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity and Science and Technology, in an op-ed in Roll Call, warned that potential attacks in cyberspace could have “catastrophic consequences.”

Noting that the power grid, military infrastructure, banking, telecommunications and transportation systems are all connected by digital networks, the congressman went on to advise, “The cyberthreat is real, and we must bring greater urgency to securing our critical infrastructure from this growing cyber-exploitation.”

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