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Abstinence: The Best Cybersecurity

Friday, October 22, 2010 | 12:56 PM Leave a comment Go to comments

Happy Friday and welcome back, Cybersecurity News readers!  Thanks for sticking with me during my brief hiatus (otherwise known as a European vacation).

I had every intention of keeping you all informed with the latest cybersecurity news during my travels, but with the British on high alert for cyber attack threats, and with Italy racking in a record for mobile cyber attacks, I figured Internet abstinence was probably my best choice for cybersecurity abroad.

…Thus I opted on the Swiss Alps and Roman ruins instead…  (And to my loyal readers, I offer up this link to a few photos of my travels.)

I hope you’ve been enjoying a cyber safe National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. And to recap us all, I’ve included below a list of cybersecurity headlines that you may have missed in my absence.

Stay tuned for upcoming news… And thanks again, Cybersecurity News readers, for your continued support…

British Cyber Threat News:

Why Britain is desperately vulnerable to cyber terror (Daily Mail)

Threat of cyber attack is the new priority as cuts hit major projects (The Independent)

Britain enters ‘age of uncertainty’ amid unknown terrorist threats (The Telegraph)

UK lists cybersecurity as top national security concern (NetworkWorld)

UK pumps money into cybersecurity (Federal News Radio)

What is UK most afraid of? (The Voice of Russia)

US Federal Cyber News:

Pentagon will seek cybersecurity partners in industry and academia (National Defense Magazine)

Government ready for cybersecurity deadline, officials say (InformationWeek)

DoD expanding domestic cyber role (Army Times)

Feds experiencing critical cybersecurity staff shortage (Defense Systems)

DoD cuts will slow overall fed IT spending growth (Washington Technology)

DoD, DHS team on cybersecurity (eSecurity Planet)

Pentagon to help homeland security fight cyber-attacks on US soil (eWeek)

FCC workshop will address critical cybersecurity threats (The Hill)

Feds slow in protecting computer networks from cyber-threats, study finds (Fox News)

US steps up military-civilian cyber defense coordination (Reuters)

Smart Grid Cybersecurity News:

Smart grids offer cyber attack opportunities (InformationWeek)

Corporate Cyber News:

Cybersecurity companies form alliance to repel corporate data breaches (USA Today)

BAE names new cybersecurity leader (Washington Technology)

Expert Opinions:

Lynn: Cyberspace is the new domain of warfare (Defense.gov)

Expert Dialogue: The Cybersecurity Challenge (Next Gov)

Additional cybersecurity news follows:

New cybersecurity threat category discovered (Federal News Radio)

Cybersecurity: Every user can be a first line of defense online (US Army)

Conservative group FreedomWorks hit by cyber attack (Politics Daily)

Botnet attacks are of concern (Emergency Management)

International co-operation is only way to protect critical infrastructure from cyber attack, warns OECD (Computer Weekly)

Why cyber civil defense will never work (InfosecIsland)

10 tips for protecting against cyber espionage (Help Net Security)

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