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Enhancing State of the Union Will Require Private Sector Support

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To many in the tech industry, President Obama earned his stars Tuesday night in his State of the Union speech, calling for a greater focus on innovation by way of research and development, technological advancements and corporate tax reductions.

The President’s address made it clear that the private sector plays an integral role in competing against progressive competitor nations such as India and China.

According to a recent report from the National Security Cyberspace Institute, the President could also use private sector support with cybersecurity, as well.

The report, titled “Federal Government Cybersecurity Progress” (pdf), serves as an Obama Administration report card on the cybersecurity policies implemented by the White House since 2009.

Grading programs on success at enhancing cybersecurity, the report gave the Administration a “B” on its efforts to initiate a national cybersecurity public awareness campaign, as well its attempt to bolster international cybersecurity partnerships.

But according to the review, the Administration has work to do in certain cyber areas.  Earning a “D” in its attempts to secure the nation’s critical infrastructure and a “C” on its cybersecurity incidence response plan, the report suggests, “The administration is busy establishing security standards for cloud computing services and expects to finalize them for release within the next six months.”

The review goes on to note: “The government hopes to ultimately transition to cloud computing in an effort to save on costs, space and labor.  However, issues regarding security must be resolved before cloud computing can be widely accepted.”

Meanwhile, members of the 112th Congress plan to start taking up other cyber issues, as well.

According to the National Journal, Rep. Robert Goodlatte (R-Va.), co-chair of the Congressional Internet Caucus, announced last week that he will focus efforts on net neutrality and cybersecurity this Congress.

The Journal added that Goodlatte said he “would like to craft legislation to strengthen the ability of the private sector to protect its systems from hackers and thieves.”

Over in the Senate, eSecurity Planet reports that Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will also focus on bringing cybersecurity legislation to the floor this year.

According to the report, Reid’s aide, Tommy Ross, said his boss is “eager to reconcile committees’ competing bills and bring a final product to the floor in short order.”

And it seems the Senate Commerce Committee is also eager to make a move on cybersecurity this Congress.

According to a press release from the committee, “enacting comprehensive cybersecurity legislation” is a top item on the committee’s agenda.

“In the new Congress, I will continue my fight to bring modern day protections for consumers and accountability to fraudsters, promote high-tech job creation and competitiveness, and keep Americans safe, secure and on the move,”  the committee’s chairman, Sen. John Rockefeller (D-WVa.), said in a statement.

Though made ahead of the SOTU, it seems Rockefeller’s remarks run right in line with President Obama’s Tuesday night take-ups.

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