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Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Cybersecurity Today

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 | 12:32 PM Leave a comment Go to comments

The Senate Banking Committee is set to hold a hearing this afternoon on cybersecurity and data protection in the financial sector.

Professor Kevin Streff, Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Information Assurance at Dakota State University; Leigh Williams, BITS President of the Financial Services Roundtable; and Marc Rotenberg, President of Electronic Privacy Information Center, will each provide a testimony.

Until then, check out the following cybersecurity news headlines you may have missed:

Pentagon sharing intelligence on cyber threats (Washington Times)

Dept Defense Secretary Lynn outlines new cybersecurity effort (Dept of Defense)

NSA looks to protect defense contractors from cyber attack (GCN)

Government in cyber fight but can’t keep up (Reuters)

FBI ramping up cyber attack defense (InformationWeek)

US official says terrorists lack Internet skills (AP)

House bill would require companies to report privacy breaches (National Journal)

House cybersecurity hearing features Melissa Hathaway (The Hill)

Leahy re-introduces bill to make concealing data breaches a crime (The Hill)

SEC “seriously” looking at cybersecurity (Reuters)

Secure the smart grid or face ‘serious consequences,’ Chu says (GovComputerNews)

CIA chief Panetta warns cyber attack could be ‘next Pearl Harbor’ (Daily Mail)

Holder: Cybersecurity is a ‘top priority’ (The Hill)

Dept of Commerce calls for new cybersecurity standards (PCWorld)

Navy rolls out regional cybersecurity centers (Defense Systems)

Cybersecurity becoming US diplomatic priority (MSNBC)

Facebook photo-tagging tool under scrutiny (Politico)


Turkey detains 32 hackers suspected of links to Anonymous (AP)

Spanish police website down after hacker arrests (AP)

China software bug makes infrastructure vulnerable (Reuters)

Richard Clarke: China planting digital bombs throughout US power grid (Popular Science)

China creates cyber-warfare squad (Forbes)

S.Korea scrambles cyber defense for world’s “most wired” country (Reuters)

Germany opens cybersecurity center (AFP)

Malaysia tries to stop threatened cyber attack (Reuters)

Experts advised U.S. how to cyber attack Libya (CBS News)

Turkish websites attacked by Anonymous before vote (Reuters)

EU agrees to tougher sanctions against cyber crime (Silicon Republic)

New Zealand government reveals cybersecurity strategy (TechWorld)

European nations fail to develop anti-cyber attack strategies (Computing UK)


Sega says 1.3 million users affected by cyber attack (Reuters)

IMF hit by cyber attack (Wall Street Journal)

Citi says 360,000 customers hacked in May cyber attack (Reuters)

Anonymous warns NATO not to challenge it (CNET)

Hackers bring down UK Organized Crime Agency site (PC Magazine)

LulzSec touts hacktivism and NATO considers war (Fast Company)

Latest hacks could set stage for cyberwar (NPR)


Northrop research group developing new cybersecurity tools (ComputerWorld)

CACI announces intent to acquire Pangia Technologies (Press Release)

Security ‘tokens’ take hit: RSA to replace SecureIDs (Wall Street Journal)

China linked to Lockheed Martin cyber attack (Forbes)

Blue Ridge gets cybersecurity contract from US Department of Justice (TMCnet)

Iimperva plans $75 million IPO (Press Release)

TechGuard Security announces support for IPv6 (Press Release)

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