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China’s Cyber “Beef Up”

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 | 10:45 AM Leave a comment Go to comments

The Scottish Herald is reporting this morning that a cyber attack shuttered the website of the Strathclyde Police.  According to the report, the Scottish police force shut down its site for nearly 24 hours “after a number of weblinks appeared that diverted users to a Chinese site with a history of distributing viruses.”

While the cybersecurity world knows all too well that a China-based attack is not a novel concept, in an article published this morning by Xinhua, China’s official press agency, it appears that the nation may be trying to repair its global cyber image.  To “beef up” cybersecurity, the press agency reports that “China is taking actions to attack on-line criminals while guarantying openness of the Internet.”  The article goes on to mention that “Legislation is in place against the illegal use of the Internet.”

And in further attempts to boost cybersecurity in China and across the globe, NPR ponders the question, “Does averting cyberwar mean giving up web privacy?”  In a Morning Edition feature, Princeton cybersecurity expert, Rebecca MacKinnon, told NPR, “Criminals and militaries are most likely going to figure out ways to do what they need to do on the Internet and minimize their traceability… The people who are really going to be hurt are dissidents in countries like China or Iran.”

In other cybersecurity news across the web this morning…

Government Pushing To Close IT Gap (Information Week)

States ponder privacy concerns as smart grid deployment takes shape (Government Technology)

New Internet Explorer 8 ads focus on cyber security (Seattle Post Intelligencer)

We must free data and protect it (Computing – UK)

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