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Computer Security and National Security: Finding a Link

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 | 4:15 PM Leave a comment Go to comments

The AFP this afternoon is reporting that cybersecurity experts from across the globe will meet in Estonia next week to address “the growing connection between computer security and national security.”  Among the list of expected attendees is former White House top cybersecurity official, Melissa Hathaway, who is scheduled to provide a keynote speech.

A “growing connection” can also be found between computer security, national security and the technology industry.  The connection comes by way of eSecurity Planet, who detailed a new contract won by noted IT corporation HP: A $9 million contract with the US Air Force.  Based on the agreement, HP will implement a Cyber Control System “to help Air Force officials make real-time responses and formulate strategies when faced with network intrusions or attacks.”

It is safe to say: HP is ramping up its cybersecurity efforts and calling on fellow tech industry types to follow suit.  In a separate report, in an interview with Computer World, HP’s executive vice president and general counsel, Michael Holston, urged the tech industry to start focusing on privacy and security. “With all of these challenges and issues come huge opportunities to be smart about technology innovation and strengthen trust,” Holston advised.

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