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iPhone, iPad… iSecurity?

Friday, June 11, 2010 | 5:00 PM Leave a comment Go to comments

Earlier this week we followed the hype as Apple released its new iPhone 4… But is Steve Jobs’ new iPad (the iPhone’s Kindle-like kin) shaping up to be a lemon?

According to Reuters, a security breach of the iPad has raised a red flag over at the FCC, as Joel Gurin, FCC consumer and governmental affairs bureau chief, reported that the Commission is investigating the incident. Gurin went on to add that, because of recent consumer data leaks at companies across the country, the FCC now sees cybersecurity as a “high priority.”

Across the pond, it appears that the UK should also be amp’ing its cybersecurity ammo.  According to Huffington Post blogger and noted security scholar Azeem Ibrahim, “Cybersecurity is likely to overtake terrorism as the number one threat to the UK’s critical infrastructure over the coming decades.”  To fend off potential attacks, Ibrahim recommends the British government’s Strategic Defense Review should look into modern day terrorism tactics, in addition to its “traditional purview of the Ministry of Defense.”

Additional cybersecurity news from the day follows…

Understanding the new Senate cybersecurity bill (Gov Info Security)

Trade group sees unintended consequences in new cybersecurity bill (Washington Technology)

How to create the best federal cybersecurity workforce (Federal News Radio)

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