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US, Canada Linked in Attack. AT&T and iPad Still on Cyber Radar

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 | 10:35 AM Leave a comment Go to comments

Making Cybersecurity News this morning, in an interview with the American Forces Press Service, US Deputy Secretary of Defense, William Lynn III, warned yesterday that links between the US and Canada “are so strong that a cyber attack on one would be felt within milliseconds by the other, and both countries must work together to improve cybersecurity.”  Included on his list of affected links, Lynn mentioned US and Canadian military, infrastructure, economics and telecommunications would all suffer in the event of a cyber attack.

Meanwhile, following up on the latest iPad security breach, the FCC’s “Reboot” blog published an article on “Staying safe from cyber snoops.”  The blogger, Joel Gurin, Chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau for the FCC, does little to address consumer concerns, but rather passes readers on to an FTC “guide to wireless safety,” where – by using a provided glossary – readers can attempt to retrieve information on wireless security.

But CNET’s Elinor Mills took a different approach to addressing the breach.  On her blog, “InSecurity Complex,” Mills acknowledged AT&T’s apology for the data leak, but said the company “mostly used the e-mail [apology] to blame the hackers who discovered the problem instead of accepting responsibility for its own security oversight.”  While Mills noted that the hackers were right to expose the hole, she advised, “It’s time for the industry to come up with standards for [hole] disclosure that are ethical and which protect consumers from threats while giving vendors and Web site owners adequate time to address the vulnerabilities.”

And stay tuned to Cybersecurity News as we follow this afternoon’s 3 PM Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on Sens. Lieberman, Collins and Carper’s latest cybersecurity legislation

Additional news from the morning follows:

Setting standards for cyber pros (Next Gov)

Mike Fraser of USIS: ‘There is still a lot we don’t know about the enemy’ (The New New Internet)

Cyber analysts warns small businesses (The Oklahoman)

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